National Schizophrenia Foundation
Materials List

Printed Literature and General Information
Item Number Item Description Price Per Unit
SZ001 Schizophrenia: Questions and Answers Booklet addressing five questions: What is it? What causes it? How is it treated? How can others help? What is the outlook? $1.50
SZ002 Understanding Schizophrenia A guide for people with schizophrenia and their families $0.75
SZ003 About Schizophrenia Booklet that defines the types of schizophrenia, lists possible causes, and outlines treatment $1.25
Schizo-Affective Disorder Booklet that defines schizo-affective disorder, speaks about symptoms & treatment, and provides resources $1.25
SZ005 Schizophrenia Pamphlet addresses possible causes, methods for diagnosis, symptoms, effects on the family, its treatment, and advances in research $0.75
SZ007 The Schizophrenia Source NSF Newsletter Donation
"The Day The Voices Stopped" by Ken Steele A powerful and inspiring story of Ken Steele's illness and his hard-won recovery (Hardcover book -257 pages) $17.50
Schizophrenics Anonymous
SA001 Schizophrenics Anonymous:
A Self-Help Support Group (Blue Book)
The SA "Blue Book" provides more in-depth information about SA's philosophy, Six Steps, how a meeting operates, members' stories, etc. $2.25
SA002 Schizophrenics Anonymous:
You are Not Alone (Brochure)
General information about SA, the Six Steps, and schizophrenia $0.30
SA003 "SA Forum" Newsletter Periodical written by members $5.00 Yearly Subscription
SA004 SA Assorted Facts Fact Sheet containing additional information about Schizophrenics Anonymous $0.20
SA005 SA Wallet Cards Features the Six Steps, serenity prayer, and contact information $0.50

$0.25 for 20 or more
SA006 "Choose Life" Project Chapters A series of 4 papers featuring articles, messages, techniques, life affirming thoughts, etc. To give the reader personal meaning in a difficult life. $10.00 set of all 4
SA006-1 Choosing Life $3.00
SA006-2 Cultivating Hope $3.00
SA006-3 Affirming Life $3.00
SA006-4 The Happiness Series $3.00
SA007 "For People in Recovery, By People in Recovery" Literature Series A series of three brochures written by people with schizophrenia on topics of interest for people with schizophrenia $4.00 set of all 3
SA007-1 An Introduction $1.50
SA007-2 Symptoms $1.50
SA007-3 How to Talk With $1.50
Video Tapes
AV001 Joanne Verbanic Speaks on Schizophrenia & SA 28 minutes $15.00
AV002 How to Start an SA Group - Development Information 48 minutes $15.00
AV003 Lives in Progress: People with Schizophrenia today 20 minutes $8.00
Audio Tapes
AV004 Joanne Verbanic Speaks on Schizophrenia & SA 42 minutes $7.00
AV005 SA Blue Booklet 90 minutes $7.00